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Dr Pazona talking about vasectomies
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Is the Recovery From a Vasectomy Painful?


So the recovery after the vasectomy varies from man to man. I will say this as a solo practitioner here in Nashville doing up to a hundred vasectomies a month. I rarely get phone calls for men about pain after the vasectomy. And we all know us men aren’t great with pain. So needless to say, if our patients were really struggling, they would be calling us.

Most men take Tylenol and ibuprofen for pain relief afterwards. We also send you home with an ice pack that we recommend using for the first 48 hours. 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off, when you can remember. The compression shorts also help to limit pain.

Lastly, we do prescribe a mild narcotic pain medicine for after the procedure. About half of our patients tell us in follow-up that they do not end up using the medicine. It’s there if you need it, however, it’s really important to know that if you do take a narcotic pain medicine, that you don’t drive while taking it and you don’t mix it with alcohol or any other substances.

About the Author

Doctor Joseph Pazona is the founder of Pazona MD, a specialty urology practice located in Nashville, TN. He has been published in medical journals on the topic of urology & authored several consumer ebooks on a variety of urologic conditions in addition to the topics of telemedicine, and continuing medical education (CME). When he’s not treating patients or writing he enjoys traveling, hiking, running, cooking, and spending time with his three children and fiancé, Catherine.