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Pazona in the Press

Dr. Pazona Press in the Press

Dr. Pazona Featured in “Newsweek”

“I was visiting with a patient who had made the decision that he did not want to have any children, and he brought that up as one of the factors bringing him in…”

Interview with Dr. Pazona on News Channel 5 Nashville.

“I think it’s wonderful that men are starting to take more personal responsibility when it comes to family planning…”

Dr. Pazona Press release

Dr. Pazona Featured in “Giddy”

“Men who aren’t circumcised need to practice really diligent hygiene because they can develop chronic inflammation when the foreskin traps dead skin cells behind it,” 

Family Cancer Article

Dr. Pazona Featured in “Good Rx Health”

“We’re not here to tell you who you’re supposed to tell or not, but I would encourage people to find their most trusted friends and to make sure they’re aware so they can be there for you…”

Dr. Pazona on the ‘Dani Williamson Wellness’ channel.

“We’ve got too much sick care in this country and it’s about time someone is speaking well care!”

‘Men’s Health Unscripted’ Interview with Dr. Pazona

 “It’s incredible how many things are misdiagnosed when really someone has a hormone imbalance.” 

article about urinary incontinence

Dr. Pazona Featured in ‘Good Housekeeping’ and ‘Women’s Day’ Magazines

“Many women think urinary incontinence is something they have to live with. Others are embarrassed to ask their doctor about the condi- tion or fear a diagnosis will lead to invasive surgery,…”

Dr. Pazona Video Interview with John C. Lin

“I wanted to give some tactics and different things I’ve learned and I’m still learning along the way. By no means are we done evolving “

article about retiree telehealth features Dr. Pazona in an Article About Telemedicine

What Retirees Must Know About Telehealth: The coronavirus has elevated the benefits and potential savings of telehealth like nothing before.

Franklin Prosperity Report

Journalist for The Franklin Prosperity Report Requests to Quote Dr. Pazona for Publication

What You Need to Know About Virtual Doctor’s Visits

By Jill Schildhouse

Television Interview with Dr. Pazona on News Channel 5 “Talk of The Town”

 “If you suffer from incontinence and think that’s just a part of getting older, think twice. On today’s segment we re joined by urologist, Dr. Joseph Pazona, we talk about possible treatment options.”