Balls Deep with Dr. Joe Pazona

Join us for a humorous, yet informative, medical show with a mission for optimizing your performance in the bedroom, the bathroom, and the boardroom. Hosted by Dr. Joe Pazona, board-certified urologist and CEO of Pazona MD, Nashville's premier urology practice.

Balls Deep: What is a Urologist?

Apr, 01, 2024

Dr. Joe Pazona of Pazona MD and his co-host Cat Williams lead us through a deep dive into the often misunderstood world of urology. What exactly does a urologist do and why is urological health so important for both men and women? Together they'll debunk some common misconceptions and offer a humorous yet informative take on optimizing your performance in the bedroom, bathroom, and boardroom!

Vasectomy Explained: Myths vs. Facts

Apr, 11, 2024

Dr. Pazona explains a no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy and answers some important questions such as: Does a vasectomy hurt? Do you have to be a certain age to have a vasectomy? Will a vasectomy impede your performance in the bedroom?

How to Keep Your Junk Healthy -The 4 Pillars of Wellness

Apr, 18, 2024

Erectile dysfunction, urinary symptoms, UTIs and prostate cancer all have root causes in our lifestyle choices. Dr. Pazona details how healthy eating, exercise, sleep and stress management can help to optimize your performance in the bedroom, the bathroom and beyond. You can't talk about urological health without discussing overall health

Our Broken U.S. Healthcare System - Thoughts from a Physician

Apr, 25, 2024

The U.S. healthcare system is broken. Patients deserve access to the right physician, price transparency, and an exceptional experience. So what's wrong? Dr. Pazona breaks down things from his perspective as a physician who's been in the broken system for over 20 years. Learn why Pazona MD is different and is creating a better patient-physician relationship.

Low Testosterone and TRT

May, 02, 2024

Let's dispel myths about low T and testosterone replacement (TRT). We answer important questions such as: Does TRT cause prostate cancer? Does TRT cause heart disease? Can you receive testosterone if your levels are "normal." As a board-certified urologist Dr. Pazona has expertise in treating low T in a safe and responsible manner.

UTI Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

May, 10, 2024

UTIs are no fun! Learn why UTIs develop, how to prevent them and what treatments are most effective. There are a lot of myths about urinary tract infections. Dr. Pazona, a board-certified urologist, is here to dispel these myths and provide you with accurate information (with a little humor).

Why is Sleep Important?

May, 16, 2024

Sleep is one of the 4 pillars of wellness. In fact, without regular quality sleep, living a healthy lifestyle is next to impossible. Dr. Joe Pazona breaks down why sleep is essential, why a lack of sleep can impact your performance in the bedroom and beyond, and what sleep habits you can adopt to get some quality rest.

Overactive bladder treatment - How a urologist can help!

Jun, 26, 2024

You've stopped your coffee. You've treated your constipation. But you're still urinating too frequently. In this latest episode of Balls Deep, Dr. Joe Pazona dives deep into the various OAB treatments. Learn about the latest overactive bladder medications including their effectiveness and side effects. Minimally invasive therapies such as bladder Botox and bladder pacemakers can help slow down your bladder, and in some cases, change your life. Enjoy today's humorous and informative episode on treating an overactive bladder.