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Dr Pazona talking about vasectomies
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Is There a Minimum Age for a Vasectomy?


Dr. Pazona: There’s not a minimum age for vasectomy beyond being a consenting adult or over the age of 18. Now that being said, there are some caveats.

Again, the state Medicaid plans will not allow a vasectomy and / or pay for it in someone under the age of 21. From a moral and ethical standpoint, again, this gets into the gray areas of medicine. I don’t feel like it is my job as a doctor to tell a young man whether he should or should not do this.

Now that being said, I will certainly guide them. I certainly made decisions at 18 and 19 that weren’t the best decisions as probably most of us have made. And actually a lot of studies show that the male brain is probably not fully formed until age 25, but if you’re 23 years old, you already have three children. And certainly understanding the financial pressures of raising children and just the lack of time, and being a working parent, again, I respect everyone’s decision.

So if you feel like you’re being judged by the doctor who is potentially gonna do your vasectomy, you’re probably not seeing the right person.

About the Author

Doctor Joseph Pazona is the founder of Pazona MD, a specialty urology practice located in Nashville, TN. He has been published in medical journals on the topic of urology & authored several consumer ebooks on a variety of urologic conditions in addition to the topics of telemedicine, and continuing medical education (CME). When he’s not treating patients or writing he enjoys traveling, hiking, running, cooking, and spending time with his three children and fiancé, Catherine.