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How Do You Ensure the Vasectomy Was Successful?

Dr Pazona talking about vasectomies
May 23, 2022

So since nothing changes after a vasectomy, because all we’re doing is stopping microscopic sperm from entering fluid, it’s exceedingly important that we do what’s called a sperm check or a post vasectomy semen analysis to make sure that you are shooting blanks or there’s no more swimmers in the pool. The way that you’re going to do that is starting one week after the vasectomy, you can begin to be sexually active again, whether that be through masturbation or sexual activity with a partner.

We recommend aiming for a minimum of 20 ejaculations. It’s okay, you can tell your partner 30 or 40, we won’t tell. As well as waiting at least two months. And now it’s important that you do both because the sperm take a while to travel from the testicles to where the fluid is made. The vas deferens we’re working on has a very long tube.

It travels all the way up a man’s groin inside his body and down to where the semen or fluid is made. So think of it as this. We’re gonna put a roadblock at mile marker 10, but the road is 200 miles long. So any swimmers that are beyond that roadblock have to take a while to get to the fluid. In fact, we have found in studies that when you have an ejaculation, you actually made those sperm three months ago. So it is important that you do that passage of time, as well as flush the pipes a minimum of 20 times.

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