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Vasectomy Cost - How Much is it Actually?

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March 25, 2024

You've done the research, you've weighed your options, and now you're ready to get a vasectomy. But as with any major life decision, there's one last thing to consider: cost. What is the cost of a vasectomy? Will you need to sell off your bourbon collection to pay for a vasectomy? Hopefully not. Let’s explore the costs associated with a vasectomy (as well as the costs of NOT having a vasectomy).

A vasectomy typically costs anywhere from $0 to $3,000 depending on where you live and whether you have health insurance.

As with most things in life, the cost of a vasectomy varies by location and your insurance coverage. If you live in Los Angeles or New York City, you're likely to pay more than if you lived in rural Minnesota; however, if you have good health insurance and/or disability coverage, it may be free or low-cost.

The average cost for this procedure is about $1,000—but prices can range from $0 to as much as $3,000 depending on where you live and whether your health insurance covers it (some do). In fact, there's a correlation between the amount that states spend per capita on healthcare and lower rates of uninsured Americans: States like California with more stringent requirements for coverage tend to have higher premiums (and therefore higher overall costs) than those that offer universal care via Medicaid expansion programs such as Colorado's Healthy Colorado Plan.

Some insurance plans cover vasectomies completely or partially, while others don't cover them at all.

Insurance is a tricky thing. Depending on your plan, you might find that your vasectomy is covered completely or partially, or not at all.

Some plans will cover vasectomies for health conditions such as prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Others only cover them for age-related reasons like infertility concerns and parental obligations.

The best way to determine if your insurance covers vasectomies (or any other medical procedure) is to call the customer service line and ask! At Pazona MD, Nashville’s leading vasectomy practice however, we are happy to do the work for you. When you schedule a consultation we will call your insurance plan and calculate your out-of-pocket cost for a vasectomy.

There may be additional anesthesia costs with a vasectomy that you should know about.

A vasectomy cost can go up or down depending on the level of anesthesia that you and your doctor agree upon. Many times this simple procedure (no-needle, no-scalpel in some cases) can be done in the office under local anesthesia. In which case there is no additional cost for vasectomy anesthesia.

At Pazona MD approximately 90% of our patients elect to use laughing gas (nitrous oxide) for the vasectomy. Nitrous oxide calms the nerves, lets you “get high” and allows for a better overall experience. It’s still done in the office, and since it wears off quickly, men can drive themselves home after the procedure. The cost for nitrous oxide at Pazona MD is $100. Most men love it so much they ask to take the machine home (sorry but that’s not possible).

In some cases you or your vasectomist might choose to do the procedure under heavy sedation or even general anesthesia. This is when the cost of the vasectomy can increase by thousands of dollars. Procedures in an ambulatory surgery center or hospital can get quite expensive depending on your insurance coverage. In our experience, unless you’ve had previous surgery in the area, or your balls are retracting into your stomach, this much anesthesia is rarely necessary.

An additional vasectomy cost may be the post-vasectomy semen analysis kit.

If you go through the trouble and cost of a vasectomy, then you better make sure that the vasectomy works! In order to make certain that you are sterile you need to submit a post-vasectomy semen analysis after at least 20 ejaculations and 2 months. This is one scenario where being an overachiever is recommended. For a nominal additional cost, we’ll even write a prescription to your partner requesting help with at least 40 ejaculations (we’re kind of kidding of course).

There are a number of options available for this semen analysis. Some physicians will analyze the sample for free in the office. This scares me. I’ve spent over 20 years training as a urologist, not as a lab tech. I’ve heard of numerous lawsuits where the urologist “claimed” to look at semen samples only later to find out that the man was not sterile. This is why I believe in specialization. Let the microscope experts do their job, and I’ll do mine (the vasectomy).

We found that the best value is through Fellow. For $149 you can produce the semen sample from the comfort of your home, mail it in, and get emailed the results within a week. They use the highest standards of testing which in our opinion is important. You can certainly look around for less expensive options if you prefer. But, is this the time to go bargain hunting?

If you're considering getting a vasectomy and need financial assistance, there are options available to you.

If you're considering getting a vasectomy, there are options available to you. Many insurance companies and employers cover the cost of a vasectomy as part of their employee benefits packages. Additionally, local health departments, community health centers and Planned Parenthood clinics often provide affordable or free services for low-income individuals seeking medical care.

If you have no other options and still need financial assistance, Pazona MD works with Healthcare Financing of America (HFA) and CareCredit. Both platforms offer low financing options for medical procedures with a quick approval process. This was you can cover the cost of a vasectomy over 6 to 12 months.

The Cost of Kids

The cost of raising a child varies widely depending on factors like your location, income level and the age of your children. So what is the average cost of keeping 1 child alive until age 18?

  • The cost of raising a child in the U.S. is $233,610—a price tag that includes food and shelter, as well as education and healthcare costs.
  • In Tennessee, the average cost of raising a child to age 18 is $239,680 (source: Tennessee Department of Health).
  • In Nashville—the country’s fourth most expensive city for childcare—an infant could run you $19k per year if your child attends daycare full-time instead of staying home with its parents during work hours (source: Child Care Aware). This number rises to over $30k annually by age 3 (source: ChildCare Aware).

If you’re planning on having more than one child, the costs will increase even further—so much so that many parents need to work until their retirement years just to pay for diapers and daycare. Maybe the price tag of the vasectomy isn’t so scary anymore?

How to Choose Your Vasectomy Doctor

So, you've decided that the vasectomy cost outweighs the costs of NOT having a vasectomy. But before you go jumping into “ball snipping”, you want to make certain that you choose the right doctor. You don’t want just anyone touching your “family jewels”. You want the best. So how do you decide?

  • Choose a physician who is board-certified.
  • Choose a physician who is experienced.
  • Choose a physician who has a good reputation and solid track record.
  • Choose a physician with whom you would feel comfortable discussing your concerns, fears and expectations. Nowadays you can “get to know your doctor” online if he/she has digital content (videos, blogs etc.). A good relationship between you and your doctor throughout the process will help ensure that any complications are addressed promptly and appropriately.

Most people would agree that a urologist (a physician specializing in diagnosing and treating diseases of the urinary tract) best fits these criteria. Some general practitioners may perform them as well but they are not typically qualified to do so because they lack specialized training in surgical procedures.


The bottom line is that the cost of a vasectomy can vary widely depending on your insurance coverage, where you live,  and what doctor performs the procedure. Remember though, that this is not the time to go bargain hunting (just like we wouldn’t recommend getting discount plastic surgery in the back of a restaurant in a 3rd world country). 

Instead of focusing on the cost of the vasectomy, think of it as an investment. You’re investing in your financial future (kids are expensive), piece of mind and ability to start having fun again after years of parenting. 

Did you know that there are summer camps for adults? With alcohol? Yeah, that vasectomy cost sounds pretty reasonable right about now. 

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