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Can a Vasectomy Be Reversed?

Dr Pazona talking about vasectomies
May 28, 2022

Although a vasectomy is a permanent form of contraception, it can be reversed, regardless of the technique. Now that reversal procedure is a much bigger surgery with no guarantees. We typically recommend if you’re going to seek out a vasectomy reversal that you find a fellowship trained infertility specialist who specializes in a microsurgical repair because those tubes that we’re working on are really small. And to get them reconnected appropriately, you want to go to the right guy who does a lot of them.

When you do, the chances of tubes reconnecting and having some fluid go through is about 95%. The pregnancy rates are much lower because there are so many other factors that play a role into pregnancy after a vasectomy reversal, such as how long it’s been since you’ve had your vasectomy, as well as the age and health of your partner.

The vasectomy reversal typically is not covered by insurance and also costs three to $4,000 with a bit of a longer recovery than a vasectomy. So I always recommend to men to be as certain as you can be when you choose to have your vasectomy. Knowing that life can always throw us a curveball, and down the road, you may change your mind.

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