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How Long Until I’m Sterile After My Vasectomy?

Dr Pazona talking about vasectomies
May 20, 2022

Dr. Pazona: So we make it really convenient for our patients. We have partnered with an online company called Fellow. And Fellow is the highest quality at home sperm testing kit on the market. So at our office, you are able to purchase your sperm kit for $125 and this way you bring everything you need home and don’t have to leave your sample at a doctor’s office or figure out what to do with it. It comes with all the instructions and the collection.

And again, it’s super important that you wait at least two months before leaving that sample to ensure that all the sperm have made it to the fluid. You will then mail the sample into the lab. They will email you the results. Once you reach zero sperm again, the chances of the tubes reconnecting is one out of 2,500 vasectomies. So exceedingly rare. Occasionally our patients have some persistent sperm and need to leave a second sample.

Fellow will mail you another kit free of charge and almost always that will clear out any sperm. Very, very rarely would I have to make an awkward phone call saying, I don’t know how to say this: We did the procedure and you still somehow have some swimmers. This is luckily a rare situation. We think this may be due to an early reconnection of the tubes that somehow happen in your body and or some men have extra tubes also, some men have different size vas deferens, and what we felt was the tube might have been a different sort of non-essential area of the cord going to the testicle. But in that case, we offer to redo your vasectomy free of charge.

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