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Same Day Vasectomy Consult and Procedure

Dr Pazona talking about vasectomies
May 24, 2022


Make this as convenient as possible for our patients, we do offer same day vasectomy, consultations and procedures. Hopefully, after watching this video, you’ll have most of your questions answered, but it’s really important that we meet you. I know I would want to meet the guy who’s gonna be working on me down there ahead of time and shake his hand before he starts working down there.

It’s also really important that we feel for those tubes. Again, some men have difficulty finding tubes. Some men don’t have a tube on one or both sides. And in some cases we can get a better sense for how uncomfortable the procedure’s gonna be for a man as we start tugging and pulling. Now some of the insurance carriers, typically the Medicaid plans, make patients wait a mandatory 30 days at a minimum between the vasectomy and the consultation. We’re not sure why that is their position. So unfortunately, if you have one of those state Medicaid plans, you will have to schedule a consultation and then wait at least 30 days before we can do the procedure. Otherwise, if you’re self-pay or have other commercial plans, we can do it all in one day. We want to make this convenient for you.

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